What is the plan name on the insurance card?

When you purchase a health insurance policy, the policy is assigned a unique number. “Policy ID” or “Policy #” are often seen on your insurance card. Your insurance carrier uses this number to keep track of the medical expenditures you have incurred. Every health insurance card should be personalized with the patient’s name. Alternatively, if you get insurance via someone else, such as a parent, you may instead see that person’s name on the card. The insurance company may also put other information on the card, such as your home address. However, this is dependent on the firm.
In most cases, contact information for the insurance company is included on the back or bottom of your health insurance card, including a phone number, mailing address, and website. This information is necessary if you need to verify your benefits (that is, what the insurance company pays for) or if you need to get more information. For example, you may need to phone your insurance company to see whether you are eligible for particular therapy, write a letter to your insurance company, or look for information on the internet. A policy number should be printed on the back of all health insurance cards.