What is the cheapest homeowners insurance in Oklahoma?

According to the Oklahoma Department of Insurance, the average annual premium for home insurance is $2,520 for a $100,000 residence coverage baseline. The average yearly premium in the state is $2,103, which is 19.8 percent more expensive than the national average of $2,030. When setting Oklahoma homeowners insurance premiums, the risks associated with the individual and other geographical features, such as crime rates, property values, and weather conditions, are considered.
In Oklahoma, you’d want to be confident that your expensive home is well-protected by the best insurance available. When it comes to a $2 million house in Oklahoma, Farmers is the most feasible option. The annual premiums for a Farmer’s policy may exceed $12,472. Depending on the insurance, a close-range shot may be much more expensive. Homes insured by AAA have an annual premium of $87,645, which is the average. You should compare personalized insurance quotes to receive the most outstanding coverage.