What is siu in insurance?

In the United States, every insurance company maintains a Special Investigations Unit, or SIU, which investigates suspicious claims. Personal injury or damages claims may be referred to the SIU by your insurance claims adjuster after an accident. If you’ve never heard of the SIU before, it’s possible that you’re not sure what it has to do with your accident claim. Therefore, it’s essential to know what an insurance adjuster tells you when they inform you that your lawsuit will be sent to the SIU. Investigating insurance fraud is the focus of special investigative units (SIU). Fighting insurance fraud, they are first responders. This is a great and fascinating job.
Insurance fraud investigators may work for a variety of companies, including the ones listed below:
Special investigative units of insurance companies (SIU),
Regardless of whether federal, state, or municipal authorities are involved,
groups dedicated to combating fraud
Firms specialize in the gathering and analysis of private information.