What is RVI insurance?

Residual Value Insurance (RVI) is a long-standing insurance policy that guarantees that a well-maintained property could be realized at such a certain agreed-upon worth at a specified future period. Previously, it has only been issued by a limited number of insurers, protecting extremely tightly defined categories of assets such as maritime vessels, aircraft, and vehicle fleets. RVI wraps have proved effective in enabling large-scale renting schemes for such capital-intensive assets, but marketplaces haven’t yet historically expanded beyond this range.
Portal is at the forefront of advancing the RVI sector’s capabilities to a far larger and deeper level. Specialists can help organizations raise capital more effectively and manage capital value risks in novel methods by applying the fundamental principle of RVI to a variety of various asset kinds and coverage arrangements. RVI can provide advantages in terms of accounting policy, capital optimization, and cash flow enhancement. This can sustain larger Loan-to-Value (LTV) levels than uninsured properties, helping to close the gap in leveraged asset stacks.