What is pie insurance?

Pie offers workers’ compensation insurance to small companies on a direct basis. In addition, they work with insurance agents on a local, regional, and national level to offer coverage to their customers. Everyone benefits as a result of this arrangement.
Pie has wholly revamped the insurance experience, from the first quotation to the final claim. Small company owners who are strapped for time may now acquire a quote in three minutes and return to work. Finally, obtaining workers’ compensation is as simple as pie. Pie Insurance is a nationwide insurance firm that is licensed in the majority of states. They are primarily interested in a range of small to mid-sized businesses with one or more workers. Pie Insurance Firm is an A-rated insurance company that writes a diverse range of companies. In addition, they provide the following services:
The majority of class codes have reasonable rates.
Expertise in the field of claims management
Coverage quotes and commitments may be completed online.
The majority of states are covered.