What is pfa life insurance?

PFA Life is a kind of life insurance that protects your loved ones financially in the event of your death. According to PFA’s recommendations, you should choose an insurance coverage level that will enable your family to retain its current quality of life for up to four years. You may see the precise level we suggest that you pick by logging into My PFA. Unfortunately, Premier Financial Alliance is a deceptive business. To deceive individuals into paying a $125 non-refundable affiliation fee, the organization employs secrecy, falsehoods, and deceit. We have never heard of an insurance business requiring you to pay a sign-up fee to sell their policies. PFA does not offer any goods, and all of those individuals earning money are doing it by recruiting others. A pyramid scam, Premier Financial Alliance. Premier Financial Alliance allegedly obtains 100% of its income via recruiting, according to an ongoing lawsuit. A corporation that makes most or all of its money via recruiting is a pyramid scam.