What is owner builder insurance?

In the event of a third-party accident or property damage, public liability insurance covers the owner-builder. This insurance covers the buyer of a house and future buyers against stipulated defects in craft if the owner builder dies, vanishes, or goes bankrupt within the time of the home warranty.
Purchasing Residential Owner Builders House Warranty Insurance protects the original home purchaser and future home purchasers against specified poor artistry. If the initial or subsequent home purchaser dies, vanishes, or becomes bankrupt, the Home Warranty term is adequate.
However, faults, unfinished works, and second-hand materials highlighted in the Defects Inspection Report are not covered by the Owner Builder Warranty. Instead, they will be passed on to any future property purchasers for the remainder of the six years after the final or occupancy certificate was given if the owner builder dies, vanishes, or becomes bankrupt.