What is-lm insurance corporation?

L.M. Insurance Corporation is a casualty and property insurance company that offers a variety of services. In addition to having offices around the United States, it provides a wide range of insurance services, ranging from aviation and automobile insurance to marine and surety.
According to industry experts, L.M. Insurance Corporation is a full-service insurance underwriter that is regarded as one of the finest in the United States. L.M. Insurance Corporation is a publicly-traded corporation. It is no longer in use. It is a Fire and Casualty insurance company with assets of $73.861,799, capital of $3.600.000, and a net surplus of $16,780,687. Its headquarters are in the Californian city of Los Angeles.
In the insurance industry, L.M. General Insurance Co is a company that offers coverage. Auto, boat, equipment breakdown, inland marine, bonds, property, and home insurance are available via the firm. Customers of L.M. General Insurance may be found all around the United States of America.