What is HCTC qualified health insurance?

HCTC stands for Health Qualified Tax Credit. It is run by the IRS. It provides a tax credit to suitable individuals to pay for monthly health insurance premiums. To claim for HCTC the taxpayers must have qualified health insurance.
HCTC is refundable, so the taxpayers might get the full credit amount even if they had a little or almost no federal income tax liability. The credit is also advanceable so the taxpayers might get their credit on a monthly basis to correspond with the monthly premiums.
The health qualified tax credit can pay for 65% of health insurance premiums for you and any of your eligible family members. The health qualified tax credit can also pay for 65% of prescription-only drug plan premiums. Individuals who are eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance allowances because of a qualifying job loss or people between 55 to 64 years age group who are an eligible payee of pension benefit guaranty corporations are eligible for HCTC