What is fpi insurance?

fpi stands for Friends Provident International life insurance and this is a company which is present at international level. This company has around 40 to 45 years of experience in the market. Fpi provides services and protection for award winners that can be ready to fulfil the needs of customers. By this insurance, the policyholder, their business and family can be protected against any unlucky circumstances like illness and sudden death. It will pay the amount of insurance to the family members which can support them once after the sudden death of the policyholder.
This insurance helps in the illness of the insured person, it will pay the amount mentioned in the policy for his illness so that he can recover fast by thinking about the finance. Premium of this insurance is fixed and constant that never changes and goes so high. This plan is present on a single life and joint life basis and one can pay the premium by monthly or by yearly.
What is rx insurance?
In Latin, the letter R means “recipe” and by adding X it means to “take this”. At present Rx is used as the symbol of pharmacy and medicines. It describes the prescription of medicines write by the doctors. Rx insurance is related to health and it covers many benefits related to health. In this insurance, the insurer fixes the price and type of prescription. The rules need an opening from the covered drugs and the amount of dollars must be paid by the coinsurance person in the insurance.
The benefits of rx insurance-
Rx insurance plans work like medical insurance, in these insurance plans you have to pay a premium as decided by the insurance company. It works the same as health insurance and it can be expensive or costly. By rx insurance you can get higher benefits and this is very useful for all of you and the premium of this insurance is paid by the coinsurance person.
What is ghost insurance-
Ghost insurance is a policy which is for a worker’s compensation in which the holder of a company and business is not included and there are no employees in the business for work. This policy is not available in all states and places. The ghost policy’s cost is around $800 to $1000 per year, but is created for a contractor who does not have any employees working in his business. This insurance can help the individual not to include himself in this policy and also protect from all dangers in the accident.
The ghost insurance can claim the medical treatment, tests, health related services, devices and many more. If anyone get injured on your property then you are liable to his medical and this medical is provided by the ghost insurance policy. Ghost insurance and ghost employees are illegal in every situation. So in some situations ghost insurance is very useful and trustable.