What is fpact insurance?

Family PACT is a state initiative that offers low-income men and women free family planning services. The program’s goal is to give you the assistance you need to determine the timing, number of children, and spacing of your children, as well as to assist you in maintaining your reproductive health.
These services are accessible here at SHCS and other clinics (for example, Planned Parenthood) that are participants in the Family PACT program. To be eligible for free services, you must be a participant in the Family PACT program. All services are provided in the strictest confidence.
Access to family planning for both males and females, as well as education, counseling, and treatment to preserve your reproductive health, is made possible via the Family PACT program. Clients are enrolled in Family PACT once the physicians confirm their eligibility. Applicants for Family PACT must submit their applications in person at SHCS throughout enrollment dates.