What is eti insurance?

Extended Term Insurance is a non-forfeiture clause in a whole life policy that allows the cash value to be used to acquire term insurance in an amount equivalent to the amount of life insurance that is already in place.
This is one of the choices that does not result in forfeiture. When choosing this option, the policyholder would have initially held an insurance policy such as whole life or an endowment policy. Instead, all of the available cash value, less any outstanding debt, will be used to acquire a term insurance policy with a sum insured equal to the amount assured of the basic plan, minus any outstanding debt, for the maximum duration for which the available cash value may be purchased.
The whole amount guaranteed of the basic plan, minus any outstanding debt, is paid out if the insured dies within the time covered by the extended term insurance.
If the policy owner’s extended term insurance coverage expires, they will get nothing. Therefore, this non-forfeiture option offers a tremendous amount of protection.