What is Ethos life insurance?

Ethos technologies, generally known as Ethos was founded in 2016 to make life insurance policies more accessible and affordable. It is a modern life insurance company designed for people and their family members. Having an experienced team Ethos also provides its customers same day coverage.
Ethos has the mission of protecting the next million families and they intend to do that with an honest and transparent process. To avoid long application processes and long waiting periods, Ethos allows people to apply for coverage online easily in just 10 minutes.
Ethos provides coverage to people without any medical exam and just by answering some simple health questions. Ethos offers both term life insurance policies and guaranteed issue whole life policies. Ethos can prove to be a good choice for those people who want to get a life insurance policy easily and without involving themselves in long application processes. It provides a hassle free insurance process.