What is Dominos Delivery Insurance?

Domino’s Pizza Delivery insurance is an initiative taken by Domino’s Pizza so that their customers get their pizza in perfect condition. Certain times if you damage your pizza due to some unplanned misfortunes like accidentally falling off your pizza on the floor, or your pizza is cooled down due to heavy traffic jams in such a case domino’s delivery insurance is of great help.
Domino’s pizza in such a case guarantees to replace the pizza of the customer with a new one without taking any additional charges from the customer. This pizza delivery insurance policy by domino’s pizza is free which means that the customers don’t need to spend any additional amount to include the benefits of this policy in their orders.
This policy ensures that the customer doesn’t suffer much if they lose their pizza. Customers also need to keep in mind certain conditions of this policy like returning an uneaten pizza, returning pizza in the original packaging provided by domino’s, etc. to avail the benefits of the insurance policy.