What is cmsp insurance?

Health coverage under the County Medical Services Program (CMSP) is provided to uninsured low-income, destitute people who are otherwise ineligible for other publicly sponsored healthcare programs. The CMSP Governing Board sets policies for the program and oversees its implementation. Part of this job includes establishing program eligibility standards, determining the extent of healthcare benefits provided, and setting payment rates for healthcare providers.
CMSP recognizes that recruiting and keeping qualified healthcare workers is critical to establishing and maintaining effective local healthcare delivery systems. Therefore, allied health professionals and primary care providers in CMSP counties are eligible for educational debt alleviation programs sponsored by the Governing Board. The CMSP Loan Repayment Program (CMSP LRP) is a federally funded program that aids healthcare professionals in repaying their college debt. Eligible candidates may be eligible for debt payments of up to $50,000 in return for a two-year service commitment providing patient-centered care at a licensed provider location under this program.