What is awis insurance?

An insurance business licensed in 40 states, American Workers Insurance Services (AWIS) has more than tens of thousands of members. Members of the National Association of Preferred Providers (NAPP) are eligible for a limited group insurance benefit from AWIS (NAPP). Their association benefits are affordable and straightforward to sign up for. They are pleased to give these advantages to all Americans, regardless of their income or residency status. Everyone is eligible to join the association and access their plans. They do not inquire about a person’s health. It’s just about having an address in the United States, and that’s it.
With AWIS, the American public has access to inexpensive healthcare alternatives without limits or yearly price hikes. In their opinion, individuals should be allowed to get the same group health insurance premiums as their employers. As of 2005, AWIS was established and authorized to do business in 41 states.