What is a simplified issue life insurance?

Simplified issue coverage is a type of life insurance payout that may be issued with only a few medical questions. That sort of coverage is primarily aimed towards customers who need life insurance immediately and/or do not want to submit to a medical evaluation. Simplified issue insurance coverage is intended to offer a limited amount of health insurance rapidly, alone without 5-8 week delay often associated with traditionally underwritten plans that need a physical check.
No need for a comprehensive medical examination with simple issue insurance, so you may get coverage in days rather than months or even years. Death benefits can range from $5,000 to even more than $110,000. Your premiums could be greater than for standard term life or whole life policy.
The absence of a medical evaluation indicates that underlying health concerns cannot be considered. Because the risk is deemed higher, your premiums would be higher too though. A simple issue insurance policy is designed to provide insurance coverage as rapidly as possible.