October 2021

What is the highest nursing degree?

Various courses reveal study about nursing. A student can apply for a bachelor degree in nursing which further goes to a masters’ degree in nursing practice. He or she also can apply for nursing diploma courses but if we talk about the highest nursing degree then the student can go for a doctor of nursing practice. This is a doctorate level that goes about a nursing practice that covers entire healthcare education including practical under. Professional doctors. This highest degree also covers deep theoretical and research work knowledge in terms of thesis. A person who wants to make their career in nursing can apply for this highest level healthcare program

What is a 2.1 degree in cgpa?

CGPA is a kind of grading system which helps to evaluate the Academic score of a student in an educational institute. 2.1 degree in CGPA is lower second class honors that are 50 to 60%.To attend 2.1 degrees CGPA students must score a final mark above 60 or seventy in British university grading system.

What is dba degree?

DBA stands for Doctor of Business Administration. This is a highest level academic education program that is equivalent to PhD. This doctorate degree is a series of BBA and MBA. This highest level degree covers deep knowledge about management and organization goals. In this course both practical and theoretical knowledge are covered including thesis and research work.

What is an eight year degree called?

There are many doctorates or highest level degrees that come under eight years of duration. After completing your bachelors and masters degrees you will be eligible to apply for doctorate level degrees which have a half time duration of 6 years and more depending on your Research work and its completion. Doctorate level degree may take 10 years to complete.

What is an integrated pg degree?

Integrated PG degree is the type of modern education where two degrees are combined which turns into 1 degree. In this modern degree an undergraduate course mixed with the postgraduate course which in turns a holder would be of both bachelors and master’s degree.

What is myopia degree?

Myopia is a very common vision disorder, where a person cannot see things. Myopia is described in terms of vision power. Human Vision is measured in diopters. This disease is commonly found at age of 20. Near objects could be seen but distant objects cannot be observed properly under this disease. Low and moderate myopia have different values and low myopia starts from 3.0 or fewer diopters.

What is the highest degree for glasses?

The world’s highest degree of myopia registered till now is -180 diopter glasses. This highest degree of classes is manufactured by a collaboration of Franco Slovak experts. Who successfully created the design and fitting of -108 diopter lenses to correct the vision or eye defect. This was probably created in 2016 February which was registered as a top achievement.

What is a women’s studies degree?

A women’s studies degree is also known as the study of gender. This study covers entire knowledge about gender or feminism including their age, nationality class sexuality and any other difference that impacts society or culture. This is a deep study which is divided into various degrees and diploma courses. A person who wants to apply for this degree can avail under graduate postgraduate or any other degree or diploma courses. A student can also go for a doctorate program in women studies. The eligibility criteria of the program depends on the type of degree such as bachelor degree requires eligibility of completing 12 standard and masters degree requires eligibility of completing bachelor program.

What is bcs degree?

BCS stands for Bachelor of computer science. This is an undergraduate program for the students who have done their 12th with non medical stream or studied subjects physics, chemistry and math. This undergraduate program covers deep knowledge about computer science such as technology, computer related softwares and hardwares, software development and related things. a student who has completed their 12th class with computer science or is studying PCM subjects by scoring 50% of marks in their boards are eligible to apply for this undergraduate degree. If you have completed this program then you will be eligible to apply for a master’s program in computer science.